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Outdoor Reconciliation Retreat

The tranquility of being outdoors--enjoying nature in a peaceful, calm, and serene setting can lead to reduced stress and friction between couples during emotionally tense times. Being outdoors and away from anxiety, worry, and distress benefits couples in solving their differences, issues, and problems.

Serenity Mediation has created the first outdoor mediation sessions in central Florida. Using a wholistic approach, combined with bei
ng natural setting for both traditional and non-traditional couples, helps to alleviate everyday tensions that can grow into relationship problems.


“Let’s solve problems before they ever get to the ‘I hate you’ or lawsuit stage.”

~ Elyse Salley, Founder

The Outdoor Reconciliation Retreat is a 3-hour gentle retreat where you and your partner will be in nature. Your retreat will include:


  • Conflict resolution techniques to manage and resolve conflicts in a constructive and positive manner to promote understanding, address underlying issues, and reach mutually acceptable solutions.

  • We will engage in active listening where you will learn how to give your full attention to your partner without interrupting and learn how to show empathy and understanding.

  • Treating your partner with respect and courtesy while learning how to be calm and composed, even if your situation becomes tense.

  • Search for common ground with each other for areas of agreement and shared interests. Resolution and healing begin here.

  • Collaborate and compromise where you both work together to find a solution to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.

  • Focus on the problem and not the person. Once couples separate the problem from the personal, it becomes easier to solve issues.

  • Learning how to talk to each other without attacking helps to encourage open dialogue and communication. Creative solutions are often the result when couples learn to communicate more effectively.

  • Focus on the future rather than dwell on the past. Brainstorm solutions for your future together.

  • Shifting the blame from personal to finding practical solutions. Solving the problems together in a creative way that can lead to a harmonious result.

Remember, conflict is a natural part of our human interactions and how we handle it impacts our lives on a daily basis.

Elyse Salley personally conducts Outdoor Reconciliation Retreats and works with you individually or you and your partner. Contact us at (407) 697-5973 or

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