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Elyse Salley

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Elyse Salley, MA, BCBA, LBA is a Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator, Guardian Ad Litem, Collaborative Family Practitioner, and Licensed & Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has dedicated over 10 years to serving children and families in Florida. She holds a Bachelors in Psychology, a Masters in Exceptional Education and Applied Behavior Analysis, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Social Work. 


Elyse founded Serenity Family Solutions based on the principals of communication and healthy conflict resolution. In a community dominated by litigation, Serenity Family Solutions strives to provide alternatives that are better suited to children and families. 

In her personal life, Elyse is passionate about health and wellness. She has an affinity for rock climbing, yoga, ballet, and hiking and enjoys these activities with her two children. Elyse is a native of Seminole County and Serenity Family Solutions is a sponsor of Heathrow Elementary's Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

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Ella Spinei

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Ella is here to greet you with a warm smile and assist you with any questions or needs you may have. Whether it's scheduling appointments, answering inquiries, or simply providing a listening ear, she is dedicated to making your experience with us as smooth and pleasant as possible. Ella works tirelessly behind the scenes running the innerworkings of the company and educating families about alternative dispute services.


In her spare time, Ella enjoys being out and about with her husband and two children.

What Others Say

Ms. Salley is a most effective mediator.  Her knowledge and training coupled with her compassion for others bolsters her ability to help even the most entrenched individuals to come to a successful resolution. Professionalism and expertise are hallmarks of her approach and her success rate at resolving disputes is beyond reproach.  

- D. D. Archer, Esq.

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